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23 September 2015

Only slacking off a little bit...

Only missed posting two lunches (I think)! Work has been crazy again and on top of that my brain isn't back in the swing of the whole "make a lunch, post a lunch" thing again yet. He's gotten lunch at school a few times so, luckily, that only means that I've missed posting two! (If you follow me on Instagram you'll have seen them there ....)

Pepperoni & cheese in spinach flatbread, grapes, olives, pumpkin seeds.

Pepperoni & cheese (again) on light multigrain bread, grapes, carrots w/ ranch, pork rinds


Candy Girl said...

I love your little report card & stuff! Would you recommend that book for Angus or Sydney?

karen said...

I'm not entirely sure what they both enjoy reading but we do both highly recommend it even though as of tonight we're only 75% through. At the very least you should read it just to understand the lunch (which the author loves) ;)

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