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02 September 2015

Coming soon to ... well ... HERE!

There's been a bit of a makeover going on and not only with the general look of the blog, but in its focus, as well. School will be starting up again for John on the 8th and he's committed to going low-ish carb at that point.

We're not going extreme keto low-carb ... we're going low-ISH-carb. It won't be a total elimination diet for him. He'll still get his fruits and starchy veggies and breads and some carby-snacks, but when we buy the rare box of ice cream it'll last us a couple of weeks rather than a couple of days. When he has a Pringles craving he'll have a serving at a time, not a full-size can. In general we're just going to be smarter and more thoughtful about what goes into our bodies. He knows that he's bigger around than he should be and that he's not comfortable with that ... nor is he comfortable at the prospect of following after his relatives with severe weight issues (including yours truly). He wants to nip it in the bud.

And you'll only be seeing lunches here so when you don't see heaps of vegetables don't start spazzing out on me. We get them, honest.

So. That's that.


madamevauquer said...

Good for John! (And you) It's great for someone to be learning and implementing all this at a young age - starting off great for a healthy life.

madamevauquer said...

Argh - the Captcha I got for the above post was donuts. It's a conspiracy.

karen said...

I adore you and I hope you know that! Not only do you have most excellent taste in books but you're one of the most supportive people I have the pleasure of "knowing!"

madamevauquer said...

Awww, thank you. That's so sweet. During my childhood and the first ten or so years of adulthood, I lived on fried foods. Then, what with working two jobs, I lived on junk food for a number of years. It wasn't until I started running at around age 35 or so that I started to pay attention and eat healthy. Whatever it takes!

I admire you for this, especially with your crazy work hours.

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