As of October 2015 all new lunches will only be posted on Instagram (and shared on Twitter).

11 May 2015


I swear I'm still feeding John. Occasionally I pack myself something to take to work, too. Of course, you wouldn't know it from the blogging ... or lack there of. Once in a while I'll bother taking a picture and tossing it onto Instagram but for the most part I don't even bother with that.

It's a slump.

I'm sorry.

There's just over a month left to the school year here and we're opting to not do summer school for the first time since he started pre-school at the age of 3.

It's highly unlikely that I'll be blogging his lunches over the summer.

I MAY try and pick up making myself blog-worthy lunches again for work. Or I may not.

I just wanted to let you (whoever may still be out there paying attention) know that we are, in fact, alive and well and eating ... even if the slump demons are preventing me from proving it in the form of visual representation.