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23 March 2015

Magic Tree House # 9 : Dolphins at Daybreak

We just finished reading Dolphins at Daybreak so of course tomorrow has to be a Magic Tree House lunch! I even made custom magnets for his PlanetBox Shuttle!

The PlanetBox:

The Lunch:
bologna & cheese dolphin sandwiches, colby jack names, goldfish puffs, grapes & Sixlet "pearls"

The Book (Amazon Link):

19 March 2015

Magic School Bus : The Friz & Liz

John's been having a Magic School Bus love-fest lately so today he's got The Friz & Liz for lunch!
Ms Frizzle is an egg salad sandwich. Liz and the words are colby jack cheese. There are also Mini Slim Jims, grapes, fruit snacks, and Green Giant Veggie Puffs.

12 March 2015

RIP Terry Pratchett

I lunch my way through grief.
Tiffany Aching and a Wee Free Man out of Provolone on top of eggplant parm & pasta with grapes and an orange cupcake. Comfort food is necessary.

I have Nanny Ogg's Cookbook but didn't want to take the time to go through it quite yet. I probably wouldn't have been able to focus through the tears.