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09 December 2014

Time Lord Tuesday : Handles

Tuesdays are being declared "Time Lord Tuesday" in the realm of theme days for my work lunches! After all, I love Doctor Who and I love making Doctor Who lunches.

Tonight I'm revisiting last year's Christmas special, "Time of the Doctor," and the Doctor's longest running companion (300 years, give or take): Handles.

Packed in a Laptop Lunchbox, Handles and his farewell phrase are provolone cheese. They're sitting on top of Philly Cheese Steak & Eggs (recipe HERE). In the top right is banana yogurt (because, still, you always take a banana to a party). The bottom right has my cinnamon apple tea bags (because I didn't want my entire bag smelling like cinnamon and shutting them in here will contain that a bit).

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