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08 December 2014

Murder Mystery Monday : Rest You Merry by Charlotte MacLeod (in @EasyLunchboxes)

I was lamenting on the blog's Facebook page about not having any inspiration as of late to make lunch to take to work. I typically just toss some instant oatmeal or a can of soup in my purse and call it a day. SO we brainstormed some "theme days" that might make lunch more fun to make and eat for me. We start today with the first Murder Mystery Monday (thought up by our awesome friend Amy from Yummy Bites By Amy)!

I've been reading Charlotte MacLeod's Rest You Merry, which is the first in her series starring Professor Peter Shandy. He's a snarky piece of work and I love him. The college where he works is one of those where pretty much everyone lives on campus and every year they rake in lots of money with the Grand Illumination festival. Pretty much everyone except for Shandy who refers to the event as the "Annual Fleecing" .... until this year. This year he hired decorators to make his house as bright and loud and obnoxious as he could and then he, himself, escaped on a ship out of Boston called the Singapore Susie. Of course, Shandy ends up back on campus before the festival is done and ... well ... you can read for yourself.

And you should. (It's only $1.99 for Kindle right now and ooooh so worth it!)

I was on a city bus on my way into work when I read this the first time and snorted so loudly that one of my co-riders asked if I was okay.

And now it's lunch.
Packed in one of our EasyLunchboxes, the large section is a mish-mash of grilled chicken, mixed vegetables, pasta and light alfredo sauce. The words and Santa are provolone. I used AmeriColor food gels for the art -- the larger segments with a water color brush; the details with a toothpick. The top right section has some polish sausage chopped up. The top left has some mayo to dunk the sausage into and some Peppermint Andes for a festive little sweet treat.

(You can go see my rambling review of the book at The Well-Read Pirate Queen!)

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