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05 December 2014


Many moons ago I first read Mooseltoe to John and made him a lunch.

This week he read it to me ... and I made him another lunch!

I've been dreading the day when I would have to make another Mooseltoe lunch for almost three years because the pictures are pretty complicated. When John asked for the very last page of the book I couldn't have been happier!!!
The sandwich is ham & cheese on wheat and I used a large watercolor brush and food gel to blacken the top slice. The eyes, stars and lights were all cut out of the American cheese (the rest of which is what went inside the sandwich). Ho Ho Ho is spelled out of alphabet cookies and Scrabble Jr CheezIts. He also has Cinnamon Apple Straws, Veggie Straws, grapes, and a small chocolate Santa on top of his vitamin/Omega-3 gummies.

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