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02 December 2014

Mater Saves Christmas

It was decided yesterday after school that from now until Christmas John will be bypassing his beloved Wednesday pizza days at school in favor of "countdown lunches" (and idea borrowed long ago from KeeleyMcGuire).  We're also bypassing chapter books for his homework reading. Instead, he'll be doing his big pile of Christmas books with lunches for each one! (He does have a couple of unread Christmas-y chapter books, but they're parts of series and, like me, he has issues with skipping around.)

Anyway, the lunch:
in his PlanetBox Shuttle: turkey sandwich on wheat, veggie straws, grapes, Christmas cookies (one to share), vitamin/Omega-3 gummies in Lightning McQueen
The Saturday before Thanksgiving FirstBook and our school district put on a book giveaway for the teachers and students in the district. John brought home a great big wonderful haul since each family was allowed ten books and one of them got turned into the lunch above : Mater Saves Christmas! (He also picked up the Disney Christmas Storybook Collection  which will help with about 18 lunches all on its own!)

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Keitha said...

Adorable! Love the antlers on Mater.

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