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17 December 2014

A Very Merry BBF Blog Hop AND Well-Read Wednesday

Back again so soon? I feel so honored and loved and holly and jolly and .... 
Okay, I'll stop now.

It's double the pleasure and double the fun! Not only is today a super merry Bento Bloggers & Friends blog hop, but today is also the first Well-Read Wednesday here! Each Wednesday that I bother to make myself something to take to work for food, I'll attempt to tie it in to whatever is going on over at The Well-Read Pirate Queen -- my new book blog! Today's the perfect day to start, too, since the last book I read & rambled about just happens to be one of my favorite Christmas books:
In the large section of my EasyLunchbox I have some leftover lasagna on top of California blend vegetables with the cover art out of provolone cheese. The story takes place in a California town and they have a lasagna community dinner so it works well (and is mighty tasty to boot)! 

Speaking of boots, in the top right on top of some Cinnamon Apple Straws is Santa ... who's still wearing his boots but kinda got decapitated along the way. (He needed it. Really.) The top left has Cinnamon Apple tea bags .... because I really like it. Almost as much as I really like this book:

Now hop on over to Lunches Fit For A Kid to see what merriment they have going on!
Don't forget to keep hopping until you end up back here 
(and then use the links to check out that book blog of mine)!


Diana Hansen said...

Oh no, Santa lost his head!!

happyvballgirl said...

hee hee. The stupidest angel is so darned cute! Good luck with the new blog! Have fun with it! I know you already are!

Keitha said...

Poor Santa!

Jackie LovingLunches said...

I love that you pack your own teabags too! I'm curious now about Santa's accident. . . . Love the lunch!

Sarah Denton said...

I am curious about the book now maybe I can squeeze it in before christmas

eclecticlamb said...

Awesome theme and great way to encourage people to read the book.

Shirley Wong said...

I want to read that book! the title sounds so cute! Awesome bento!!

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