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02 October 2014

Magic Tree House # 1 : Dinosaurs Before Dark

A couple of weekends ago was the annual book sale at my favorite local library. At last year's event I picked up a ton of books for John (of course), including a handful from Mary Pope Osborne's Magic Tree House series. They went on his book shelf and sat there. And sat there. And .... yep. Sat there. During this year's half-price sale I was able to pick up a few more and added them to the shelf. He decided that we would finally give them a try during another Harry Potter "intermission."

He loved the first book and I have a feeling we'll be reading a lot more of Jack and Annie's adventures in the not-too-distant future. (And by "loved" I mean REALLY loved to the point where when we took turns reading he would read a chapter and I got to read a page or two before he cut me off and started reading himself again!)

Of course, there must be lunch.

In his EasyLunchbox, John has a bologna & cheese tree house with veggie straws, a Pteranondon drawn onto colby jack cheese atop a small pile of Pringles, and yogurt raisins (which he says are just like dinosaur eggs!).

Some of my friends have also done MTH lunches in the past you should go see:

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Kendra Peterson said...

Love it! Especially the dinosaur eggs!

Keitha said...

This lunch looks great! Thanks for the link.

Rebecca W said...

Love this lunch! The eggs are genius!

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