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11 September 2014

Doctor Who : "I Am The Doctor ..."

John's lunch for today came from the most recent episode of Doctor Who, "Robots of Sherwood." I'm not going to worry about those who avoid spoilers since the clip the lunch is from has been made public by the BBC and, really, doesn't give much away:

In his PlanetBox Rover (all decked out in custom DW magnets) he has a small bologna and cheese "Doctor 12" sandwich with a cheese speech bubble and spoon, grapes, Scrabble Jr CheezIts on top of 12 Veggie Straws, Alphabet Cookies with 12 fruit snacks (and his multivitamin gummies), and 12 grapes:

And, of course, he asked me to relabel another bottle! (If the video from Instagram doesn't embed below, you can just click HERE to see it!)

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