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29 September 2014

Kevin the Minion in @EasyLunchboxes

One of John's favorite YouTube channels is, of course, about Minecraft ... with the added bonus of Kevin the Minion from Despicable Me! So, thank you, Thinknoodles for the laughs ... and the insistence that Kevin goes to lunch.
Yes, Kevin is a Twinkie (and BANANA Twinkie, even!) and that's a VERY rare occurrence around here. He will be split in half (at least) and shared with a friend or two at school. Even at home the rare Twinkie is a shared food. He also has banana pudding, some veggie straws, mini Slim Jims, grapes, and minion graham crackers.

25 September 2014

Angry Birds King Pig

Clockwise from top left: yogurt raisins and vitamin/Omega-3 gummies, honey mustard veggie straws, ham pig with colby jack crown, alphabet cookies & Scrabble Jr Cheez-Its, string cheese

22 September 2014

Mr Alligator Goes To Lunch

A couple of Christmases ago John given Mr Alligator by one of my best friends and her son ... and he's remained one of John's best friends ever since!
This morning he asked if he could take Mr Alligator to school .... in lunch.
Mr Alligator is drawn on a pumpkin cream cheese sandwich that has one slice of wheat (for the drawing) and one slice of cinnamon raisin bread. He packed the rest of the lunch while I was doing the drawing and he chose carrot sticks with veggie ranch dip, a couple of Mini Slim Jims, yogurt raisins, and his vitamin & Omega 3 gummies.

18 September 2014

John made lunch (more or less)!

Thanks to some extra hours at work a couple of weeks ago I was able to say "yes" when John started pleading with me to get him one of Pottery Barn Teen's All-N-One lunch kits after he saw one that someone else was using. It helped that the pattern he had decided on was on sale, of course.

It arrived Wednesday just before he got off the bus and as soon as he saw it he started deciding what exactly had to go in and where. Basically, he made his lunch! (I just opened packages!)
Clockwise from top left: Vitamin & Omega-3 Gummies, yogurt raisins, veggie straws, leftover boneless garlic parmesan wings with dipping sauce, granola bar

15 September 2014

Tommy & Tuppence for Dame Agatha's birthday!

Today marks the 124th birthday of Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie! I wasn't originally planning on making anything special to take to work tonight, but I couldn't resist celebrating with some Tommy & Tuppence. I've been watching the old episodes on Acorn (and getting giddy about the reboot scheduled for next year to help celebrate her 125th!). 
In my Laptop Lunchbox I have chicken thighs with garlic parmesan sauce, provolone Tommy & Tuppence and colby jack letters and heart. In the bottom right is cottage cheese. The bottom left is mixed vegetables with the cheese bits left over from cutting out the letters.

Snickerdoodle Muffins Snacky Lunch

John still loves "snacky" lunches and was thrilled when I came home with packs of mini snickerdoodle and pumpkin muffins the other day. He eeny-meeny-miney-moed the snickerdoodle ones for today's lunch. He also has mini Slim Jims, grapes, veggie straws, his vitamin & Omega 3 gummies, and an unpictured peach yogurt cup.

11 September 2014

Doctor Who : "I Am The Doctor ..."

John's lunch for today came from the most recent episode of Doctor Who, "Robots of Sherwood." I'm not going to worry about those who avoid spoilers since the clip the lunch is from has been made public by the BBC and, really, doesn't give much away:

In his PlanetBox Rover (all decked out in custom DW magnets) he has a small bologna and cheese "Doctor 12" sandwich with a cheese speech bubble and spoon, grapes, Scrabble Jr CheezIts on top of 12 Veggie Straws, Alphabet Cookies with 12 fruit snacks (and his multivitamin gummies), and 12 grapes:

And, of course, he asked me to relabel another bottle! (If the video from Instagram doesn't embed below, you can just click HERE to see it!)

10 September 2014

Plants vs Zombies : Crazy Dave

Today John has Crazy Dave from the Plants vs Zombies games in his PlanetBox Shuttle! Dave is drawn on Empire Jack cheese and his name is cut out of the same. They're sitting on a bed of Doritos with salsa on the side (which is as close as John gets to Dave's beloved tacos). To the left are grapes and pepperoni slices skewered with zombie hand picks. He also has a yogurt cup in his bag along with his sugar-free lemonade.

09 September 2014

Minecraft Rap Creeper in a PlanetBox Rover

We're still super-big Minecraft fans here -- even moreso, maybe, since the mega update to Minecraft PE. John's hand-me-down laptop is ancient and "glitchy" so he's spending more and more time on his iPad playing ... and, of course, watching massive amounts of YouTube. In fact, today's lunch combines those two loves into one!

In his PlanetBox Rover:
Empire Jack Cheese Rap Creeper, sausage (split in half so it fits better), grapes, Omega 3 & Multivitamin Gummies, spicy brown mustard for dipping, Veggie Straws & Scrabble Jr CheezIts 

His PlanetBox magnets were made using Avery Magnet Sheets.
His bottle is a Fiji water bottle re-labelled with a printed picture & secured with packing tape.

And if you aren't familiar with the Minecraft Rap Creeper, check out this awesome video:

04 September 2014

LCHF Cream Cheese Pancake Muffins (& More)

I'm going to be doing a 12 hour shift tonight (for the third night in a row) so I'm going fully prepared to not starve OR be tempted by the food we have at work. With the exception of mayo packets and little tubs of cream cheese there really isn't anything there I should eat. SO I mixed up some super simple Cream Cheese Pancake Muffins and between those,  a couple of hard cooked eggs & some cottage cheese I should be well satisfied when all is said and done!
At the suggestion of someone in the Facebook Group Egg Fast - Stall = Breaker (diet), I used the standard cream cheese pancake recipe in a muffin pan! It's just 4 tablespoons of butter, 4 ounces of cream cheese, 4 eggs, 2 packs Splenda (or Stevia) and some cinnamon. Melt the butter and cream cheese together (about a minute in the microwave), stir in the sweetener and cinnamon, crack the eggs in, beat the bejeepers out of them and pour into a muffin pan! I used a 6 muffin silicone pan that I placed on top of a cookie sheet (for stability) and it took 20 minutes at 325. Easy peasy and absolutely yum!

Packed in:

03 September 2014

School Spirit in an EasyLunchbox

John asked to have his school mascot, the coyote, for lunch today! We found lots of pictures but ended up using one from his student handbook as the model for the cheese drawing.
He has the coyote drawn on American cheese, two slices of bologna skewered with yellow and blue star picks (his school colors), Bugles and orange segments. He's also taking his school water bottle.

Packed in:

02 September 2014

Harry Potter - Nearly Headless Nick

It's finally here!
Today is John's first day of 3rd grade AND it's National Beheading Day!
What better way to celebrate than with a lunch featuring our favorite House Ghost?

In his PlanetBox Rover, John has pepperoni on swords, a hard cooked egg with Harry's glasses and scar drawn on with food gel, grapes, veggie straws, alphabet cookies spelling Nick, and Nick himself is provolone cheese. I used a cookie cutter for Nick and then carved out the needed details with a toothpick and drew with food markers.

Used Here: