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04 August 2014

The Lego Movie's Emmet Made Easy in a Laptop Lunch Box

If you have kids (or are simply a kid at heart), you undoubtedly know what one of the biggest blockbusters of the year has been The Lego Movie. We've seen it twice at the cinema, bought the digital copy as soon as it was released, have multiple building sets, and can often hear John singing "Everything Is Awesome" at the top of his eight-year-old lungs.

With so many kids getting ready to head back to school, why not try your hand at making a lunch based on the movie's hero, Emmet? You don't even need any great artistic ability -- just a few simple tools that can be easily picked up on Amazon (yeah yeah ... they're affiliate links):

A set of food markers and a fun lunch kit (and a simple kitchen knife) and you'll be all set! We love the kits from Laptop Lunches -- especially since you can pick up the Bento Buddies in multiple color combinations for even greater variety!  (To see the other lunches we've made using various box configurations, just click HERE.)

So, really. That's all I needed to turn a simple lunch that started out looking like this:
... into something awesome for my little Lego fanatic!

Using the food markers, a simple kitchen knife, and a slice of cheese I was able to turn John's ham & cheese sandwich into an Emmet sandwich!

I started by cutting the shape of the head with the knife. I drew the eyes and mouth on with the black marker and his hair with the brown. After I removed the excess cheese I discovered that Emmet fit perfectly on half of the sandwich -- which works well since half of a sandwich fits perfectly in the long rectangular boxes in the Laptop Lunch Box! I then used the orange marker to write his name directly on the bread for the other half. The smaller boxes got his peaches (that box has a lid) and some Pringles (his absolutely favorite snack), and the lunch is done!

Of course, the markers can be used to draw anything you can think of. They work great on cheese, sandwiches ... we've even used them on pancakes. Combining this simple tool with the fun colors and combinations from Laptop Lunches and every lunch can be, well, awesome!

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