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26 August 2014

Egg-Fast Friendly Shuttle for Work

I fell off the LCHF wagon a couple of months ago. Actually, I sorta jumped off willingly ... and foolishly. I decided that I would jump back on and after a couple of weeks (and the dreaded keto flu symptoms) passed, figured I'd further jumpstart myself with an egg fast. It's pretty basic, actually -- eggs, fat, cheese. (I Breathe, I'm Hungry has awesome information & recipes I have yet to try!)

Since there's absolutely nothing I can eat at work now besides little tubs of cream cheese I'm back to packing food. Packed in my PlanetBox Shuttle, I have an egg salad made with two eggs, two tablespoons of mayo and two tablespoons of cream cheese with a sprinkling of Garlic & Herb Mrs Dash. I also have an extra hard cooked egg and an ounce of sharp cheddar stars. After all, I work for eight hours ... I'll probably need more than just egg salad!

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Rina @ Bento School Lunches said...

What a yummy lunch Karen!I love egg salad and my mouth is watering now.:)

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