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22 August 2014

Doctor Who: Here We Go Again

The Doctor is back tomorrow night!!!
Of course, the Edible Geekery crew thought this would be a perfect time for a blog hop.
Once you're done here make sure you click on the button at the end to see 
what's going on in the rest of time and space for Doctor Who yums!
John and I have been so excited about the return that we've watched the trailer over and over again:
The trailer (and my giddiness over the return of the Paternoster Gang) is where I got my inspiration:
Packed in my EasyLunchbox, I have drawn Vastra onto a low-carb spinach tortilla using food markers. Under her are grilled yellow squash ribbons. To the right is a bed of tuna salad with cheddar cheese letters. The top left has cottage cheese. The top right has hard cooked eggs -- one with the TARDIS drawn onto it (also with the food markers).
I'm sure this is just the first of many lunches for Season 8!
Now, don't forget to click on the TARDIS below to continue your journey at BentoForKidlet 
(and keep clicking until you end up back here!)


eclecticlamb said...

As usual your drawing on food is impressive. Stunning!

Eileen Shows said...

So awesome! TARDIS EGG!

Kristie said...

Your lunch and your whole post is just getting me excited to watch the new season! Can't wait!!

Jackie LovingLunches said...

Gorgeous art as always!

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