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19 August 2014

Back to School Essentials (According to John)

John starts 3rd grade in two weeks so we've been talking about what he'll need to go back. We don't have the list from the school yet for what they want him to have, so instead we've been talking about the lunch essentials. Luckily, we already have everything on his list ... but in case you don't we thought it would be nice to come up with a little shopping list for you! Everything here is available on Amazon (and the links are all affiliate links which, if you use them, will help us pay for things like crayons and dry-erase markers).

The Lunch Bags
Of course, one can't very well take lunch to school without something to put it in so here are John's top choices for lunch bags:
(Two of his favorite lunch bags come with the lunch boxes they're for ... we'll get to those next!)

The Lunch Boxes
Over the years we have had a lot of lunch boxes in our possession. John has more or less decided that my lunchbox hoarding has become pretty silly and insists that we only really need four basic boxes in our possession:
(The PlanetBoxes come with bags. The Shuttle we often use with other bags but the Rover always ends up in a Rover bag.)
The Lunch Box Add-Ons
Because sometimes you need your lunch to have a little extra something, we keep the following on hand for add-ons:

The Lunch Box Personalization
The PlanetBox sets come with magnets that can be switched out for more personalized box looks. For an even more personalized approach, grab a pack of printable magnet sheets:
Here are some of the ones we've made:

Personalizing The Lunch Itself
Now that the external issues of lunch have been covered, what about the lunch itself?
The older John gets the less he seems interested in overtly "cute" lunches. Luckily for me, he still loves to have lunches based on favorite books, movies, tv shows, or video games ... so we still need a stash of certain artistic tools, picks and cutters to make these easier to accomplish.
(We do have a lot more cutters in our collection but the silly child seems to think they're unnecessary and that I can just draw or cut anything. The Animal Friends apparently has a better pig than I can freehand, though, for Angry Birds lunches!) 

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Keitha said...

Great list! John has really been paying attention to what goes into making his lunch. You do such fantastic lunches for him.

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