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09 July 2014

Sara Stanley - The Story Girl

Lately I've been rewatching Road To Avonlea. It's one of my absolute favorite series based on stories by one of my absolute favorite authors -- Lucy Maud Montgomery. The series follows The Story Girl and The Golden Road (although, of course, taking quite a few detours and major plot changes along the way).

My lunch for work tonight was inspired by the character of Sara Stanley -- The Story Girl, herself.

I started by drawing Sara on a slice of provolone cheese. I used food gel for her dress and ribbon and natural powders for the rest.All of the drawing was done using a simple toothpick (or 6).

In one of our Laptop Lunch boxes, I placed the image on a bed of broccoli with letters cut out of colby jack cheese. The top right container has some yogurt. The bottom right container has some bacon slices.

Natural Powders from ChocolateCraftKits

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