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19 June 2014

Harry Catches A Snitch!

With only 4 school lunches left to be made for second grade, John has decided that we're going to go out with a bang! I thank/blame some of that on the extreme boredom I felt the other night at work which led to the thought of re-establishing the Facebook page for the blog ... and him catching me building some of the photo albums for the page and realizing that it's been a while since we've seen some of our favorite themes (or ANY theme) in our lunch bags.

Today he asked for one that's been pretty much a norm since February -- Harry Potter. He received an amazing birthday package from his Aunt Cristi on Saturday that included some Harry Potter plates and "really truly real" Harry Potter Jelly Slugs.

I discovered that one of my deviled egg trays had cracked and had the brainstorm that instead of tossing it out it would be a perfect pallet for our natural food powders! I've been mostly using food gels for so long because of the ease ... but now that I've got this set up we'll be set going au naturelle!

I scooped just an itty bit of each color in the slots ... added a couple of drops of water to each ... grabbed my toothpicks and requested Empire Jack cheese and went to town!

Working with the powders is quite a bit different than the gels but I think I'm finally getting the hang of it!

And the whole lunch put together in his PlanetBox Rover (yes - that's an affiliate link):

Along with the Slugs and cheese art, John has SnaPea Crisps with ranch dressing, colby jack letters, grapes, and a pb&j sandwich on wheat (cut to fit with a drinking glass!).


Andy Drouin said...

That is incredible!!!

Candy Girl said...

Great idea for the egg tray! And awesome job replicating the plate design, I bet he loved it! I'm loving the whole lunch :)

eclecticlamb said...

Awesome lunch!

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