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24 June 2014

Doctor Who - The Last Lunch for the 2nd

Grade, that is .... not Doctor. It's actually the first lunch for the 2nd Doctor!

John and I were watching "The Evil of the Daleks" the other day (which is largely reconstructed so some video, some still pictures, but all audio is in tact) and we decided that we needed Doctor Who lunches this week -- him for school, me for work. Since today happens to be the anniversary of that episode first airing we figured it was perfect! I even "Doctored" up our PlanetBoxes for the occasion!

 He gets the Rover ... I get the Shuttle:
Mine is chicken salad with cheese (meltable thanks to the silicone cup) and a low-carb spinach tortilla to make a wrap:
His is a PB&J Dalek with colby jack cheese "Exterminate," Alphabet Cookies "Dalek," fruit snacks, grapes & Bugles.


Andy Drouin said...

we struggle with food with Liam, especially school lunches. I wonder if he would eat it if it came like these! You are truly amazing.

karen said...

That's why I started with John! I discovered that he was more likely to eat his lunch if it was "fun." They don't have to be super-fancy or artistic -- grab a lunch box, some fun-shaped cookie cutters & maybe some picks and give it a shot! is pretty much our one-stop-lunch-shop AND they'll ship to Canada :) (there's a link at the bottom of my affiliate links sidebar)

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