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27 May 2014

LCHF Philly Cheese Steak & Eggs (& Snack)

A few weeks ago I decided to drastically cut the carbs/grains/sugars from my diet. I've honestly never felt better! I'm doing LCHF now -- Low Carb High Fat. I blog about all of it (and then some) over at I Wish I Had... but since this is, after all, The Lunch Blog I figured I might as well blog my work lunch for tonight over here! (I swear I've been feeding John, too ... but he's been asking for lunch at school a bit and when he does have me pack for him lately it hasn't been anything exciting enough to take a picture of!)

The Lunch:
(The snack is cocktail sausages and mayo. The main dish is, obviously, Philly Cheese Steak & Eggs) 

 The Instructions:

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