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03 April 2014

Game of Thrones : All Men Must Die

I am SO excited about Game of Thrones coming back on Sunday night! I've been rewatching from the beginning on the HBO GO app on my iPad and getting myself more and more pumped up. Tonight is my last night of work before the season starts so, of course, I had to make another GoT lunch (<-- click to see any of the past ones you may have missed).

I had so many ideas but the one I kept coming back to came from a conversation Daenerys had in season 3 with Missandei.
Missandei: Valar morghulis.
Daenerys: Yes. All men must die, but we are not men.
At first I thought that I would just do the two of them from that scene ... but I wanted to include more of the kickass women I love so much.
 in the lunch: banana yogurt, granola thins, chicken with vegetables, salsa & cheese

And a close-up:


Michelle | Creative Food said...

Haha love it! Kickass women of GoT!

ohbentouk said...

Could this be any better?!
Doubt it!!!
I'm so so excited for GoT and this hasn't help in the slightest! I'll definitely have to try and get a new GoT lunch made!

Sheila said...

Just saw GOT wine at CPWM.

Becka said...

This is amazing Karen!!! I love love love that you put Arya in there, as I believe she is quite the bad ass :)

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