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04 March 2014

The Cat in the Hat

John wasn't thrilled that the only Cat in the Hat yesterday was his lunchbox (and the shirt he wore to school), so I'm making up for it today. I have to wonder who he's going to remember and insist on for Thursday ... (I'm off the hook Wednesday since it's pizza day)!
The hat is pb&j. The cat is drawn on Empire Jack cheese and is propped up by popcorn. To the side are veggie sticks, Sixlets, grapes, and his pet fish.


Jenn Christ said...

Fantastic Cat in the Hat!

Michelle | Creative Food said...

seriously. I wish I could draw like you! I LOVE your cat in the hat!!

Keitha said...

How come your cheese drawings always look so good? Love it.

Sarah Denton said...

This is so great!

Becka said...

Awesome job as always!

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