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10 March 2014

Snacky Harry Potter in LunchBots with DIY Picks

John just wanted a simple snacky lunch today in his LunchBots Quad ... but who says "snacky" can't be extra fun with some craftiness? Once again I called upon Oh!Bento UK's DIY Bento Picks tutorial and some Harry Potter Jibbitz I bought long before John even thought about Harry Potter.

When John asks for a "snacky" lunch that typically means some Slim Jims or pepperoni, cheese, crackers, grapes and an extra little something or two. That worked out perfectly with the DIY picks!

 (yes, that's a chocolate frog in with the grapes!)

Thanks to a friend being a better eBay searcher than I apparently am, John even has a Harry Potter lunch bag that didn't cost me a mortgage payment and worked perfectly for today's lunch!

The LunchBots fit perfectly in the bottom zipper section leaving the top for his 
juice box, yogurt cup and spoon!


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