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18 March 2014

Harry Potter: Quidditch -- 1 lunch - 3 boxes!

John wanted a Harry Potter Quidditch lunch for today but for the life of me I couldn't decide which box to pack it in ... so I packed it twice! Then, seeing as how I really had too much time on my hands yesterday with John at school and Tom having to work (he normally has Mondays off), I packed it yet again.

For his lunch: rainbow tortellini with empire jack cheese art and Scrabble Jr Cheez-Its letters, grapes, chocolate frog, SnaPea Crisps and ranch dressing for dip. The same amount of food was used each time -- the only difference is the dip location (one box has it's own dip container).

In an EasyLunchbox ... which is almost the one that went to school ...

In the Laptop Lunch box since next Wednesday (March 26th) we're doing a great big Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone post for their National Reading Month celebration. You'll be seeing this picture again ... with several other lunches you haven't seen yet, so make sure you come back!

Finally, what's actually heading to school ... seeing as how it's British, too. (And John liked having "Quidditch" in a straight line.) In a black+blum box appetit:


Sarah Denton said...

It looks amazing in all three boxes, I love the little chocolate frog I didn't notice him before

Becka said...

I love how the frog looks all content and whatnot... like just hanging out and waiting for lunch lol.

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