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24 March 2014

Harry Potter - Gryffindor Crest

We finished Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Saturday! John was SO ecstatic and before he went to bed that night he insisted that we start Chamber of Secrets. Yep. You're going to be seeing a LOT more Harry Potter in the weeks and months to come! In fact, don't forget that Wednesday we're doing a big round-up of Harry Potter in Laptop Lunches for National Reading Month ... hint hint ...

Today John is having the Gryffindor crest. There are SO many images online and I'm SO very thankful that he picked one of the easier ones for me to tackle!
The crest is made out of cheese and pepperoni and is sitting on top of crackers. The lion itself was drawn with ivory food gel. He has extra pepperoni holding up the cheese "Gryffindor." He also has a square egg (still in mold), grapes, veggie straws, and a chocolate frog. It's all packed in a PlanetBox Rover.

Now, when you buy the Rover you can get it with a set of pre-designed magnets or blank ones that you can draw on yourself. I found printable magnet sheets a while back on Amazon and measured all of the spots to come up with a template for DIY PlanetBox magnets! They work great and, I dare say, make John's favorite lunch box even better :)

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Keitha said...

Easier ones to tackle!?! You have mad cheese skills! This looks awesome!!!

karen said...

Awww! Thank you, Keitha! I have mad tracing skills ... this was in NO WAY freehanded! LOL!

Becka said...

I don't know if I mentioned this when you posted it, but this is awesome!! I love the way it looks, and the box is amazing! I think it's great that you have something so customizable!

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