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25 March 2014

Harry Potter: Fluffy Falls Asleep

 John requested the Sorcerer's Stone's guard-dog, Fluffy, for lunch today. Immediate stress! Luckily I came across this image online from the Harry Potter card game and thought it would be perfect:
I saved the image, flipped it horizontally, and printed it to be a good size for a sandwich. I traced it with food gel and then smooshed it onto a slice of bread. A little touch up and a spiked collar and the top slice for John's ham & cheese was all set! 
Along with John's ham & cheese sandwich he has grapes skewered with his DIY Harry Potter picks, fruit snacks with music note picks (which I just realized are backwards -- hopefully Fluffy doesn't wake up!), empire jack cheese letters, SnaPea Crisps, and a little container of ranch for dipping.

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