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03 March 2014

Happy (Belated) Birthday, Dr Seuss!

Yesterday was Dr Seuss' birthday so today gets a simple snacky Seuss lunch for school! I'm sure it's not as exciting as some of my Bento Bloggers & Friends have pulled off this year ... I think I'm still recovering from Thursday's Harry Potter lunch :)

In his Cat In The Hat box he has a green hard cooked egg (really -- it's green -- the color is off in the picture), ham chunks, grapes, 1 gummy fish, 2 gummy fish, red Goldfish, blue gummy fish. He also has a yogurt cup and a side dish with some carrot strips and ranch dip.


Candy Girl said...

Hahaha! Love it! Now go see mine and you'll see why I laughed :)

Jenn Christ said...

Love it! :D

Jackie LovingLunches said...

Super cute :-)

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