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31 March 2014

Dumbledore in an EasyLunchbox

One of our favorite bits from Sorcerer's Stone ... right after the House Sorting:

Clockwise from top left:
 popcorn and LifeSaver Gummies, 
hard cooked star egg and grapes, 
roast beef sandwich with cheese details and letters

28 March 2014

BBFs Against Bullying : Make Lunch - Not War

Bullying absolutely breaks my heart. Whether it's done by peers or elders or anyone at all, it's just not cool on so many levels. Not only does it take me back to when I was a young geekling with tomboy tendencies who would rather play Dungeons & Dragons than Barbies and who preferred her hair to be short ... but it makes me worry for my own little geekling. When he was three he was given a hard time by grown-ups in a drugstore for picking out a baby doll instead of a car or truck when he was offered "anything he wanted" (he wanted to play "Daddy"). That was a one-time thing since we've always tried to surround him with people who are less narrow-minded, but even now he's still a tender soul who loves My Little Pony almost as much as he loves Harry Potter and I can't help but worry.

Hearing the news stories about Michael Morones and Grayson Bruce made me worry that maybe John wasn't telling me about any problems he may have had over any of the My Little Pony lunches that he has taken to school. I talked to him about Grayson and the troubles he has been having. Luckily, John hasn't had any issues and, as a mom, I'm very thankful with how disgusted he was on Grayson's behalf.

"We could send him a lunch, Mom! He can put it in a normal bag and he won't be breaking the rules!"

While I would love to do, so the shipping might be a little awkward. John then asked if he could just take a lunch to school for Grayson and Michael (whom he was told had also been teased and is currently in the hospital -- but not the whole story as to why). When talking about it with my fellow Bento Bloggers & Friends we decided that an anti-bullying hop would be a perfect way for us to show our support -- not only to the Bronies of the world, but to the girls who don't feel like they'll ever fit in because they aren't "girlie" enough, and to anyone else who has ever been bullied for any reason at all.

Make lunch - not war (unless you're playing D&D. Then you can go ahead and make war ... but only in accordance to the rules of the game and the roll of the dice ... and if you don't get bent out of shape if a ten year old girl happens to roll better than you)!

After you see John's lunch, make sure you click on the button at the end to continue the hop. Keep clicking after that.

27 March 2014

Reservoir Dogs in @EasyLunchboxes

It's Quentin Tarantino's birthday! To celebrate I decided I wanted to do a Reservoir Dogs lunch for work tonight:
The main section has mixed vegetables under chicken with cheese ties and letters. The top left has Three Musketeers Bites. The top right has an ear molded out of a Laughing Cow cheese wedge and salsa. Hey... I've put a toe in a lunch before so why not an ear, right?

26 March 2014

Harry Potter for National Reading Month

We were thrilled when Laptop Lunches invited us to be part of their month-long celebration for National Reading Month! Of course, John wanted to do Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Again. And again. (He seems to enjoy Harry Potter lunches almost as much as he enjoys the book!)
Every September our library has a huge book sale. This past September I picked up 6 of the Harry Potter books for a couple of dollars total thinking that they would be sitting on John's shelf waiting for him for at least a couple of years. If you've been here a while you may recall that "chapters" have a tendency to freak him out a bit and the Harry Potter books are, well, huge.  In late February he had a week off from school and, typically, that would mean that he wanted to take a week off from reading. Anything. "Reluctant reader" has definitely fit! When I suggested that maybe we could start reading Harry Potter together it was as though an evil curse had been lifted. We've read every night since -- even on weekends and during commercial breaks for March Madness basketball games! There is definitely something magical on the pages of the Harry Potter books -- and I don't just mean the charms and potions that Harry and his friends have been learning at Hogwarts!

Hagrid Flying Over Privet Drive 
peanut butter & jelly on wheat, empire jack cheese, SnaPea Crisps and dip, grapes, LifeSaver Gummies

Hogwarts Express 
bologna & cheese, colby jack, grapes, chocolate frogs, jelly beans, pumpkin "pasties," veggie straws

Harry Plays Quidditch
rainbow tortellini, empire jack cheese, Scrabble Jr CheezIts, grapes, chocolate frog, SnaPea Crisps & dip

The Centaur - "Mars Is Bright Tonight" 
roast beef & tomato on wheat, provolone cheese, grapes, LifeSaver Gummies, banana yogurt

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25 March 2014

Harry Potter: Fluffy Falls Asleep

 John requested the Sorcerer's Stone's guard-dog, Fluffy, for lunch today. Immediate stress! Luckily I came across this image online from the Harry Potter card game and thought it would be perfect:
I saved the image, flipped it horizontally, and printed it to be a good size for a sandwich. I traced it with food gel and then smooshed it onto a slice of bread. A little touch up and a spiked collar and the top slice for John's ham & cheese was all set! 
Along with John's ham & cheese sandwich he has grapes skewered with his DIY Harry Potter picks, fruit snacks with music note picks (which I just realized are backwards -- hopefully Fluffy doesn't wake up!), empire jack cheese letters, SnaPea Crisps, and a little container of ranch for dipping.

24 March 2014

Harry Potter - Gryffindor Crest

We finished Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Saturday! John was SO ecstatic and before he went to bed that night he insisted that we start Chamber of Secrets. Yep. You're going to be seeing a LOT more Harry Potter in the weeks and months to come! In fact, don't forget that Wednesday we're doing a big round-up of Harry Potter in Laptop Lunches for National Reading Month ... hint hint ...

Today John is having the Gryffindor crest. There are SO many images online and I'm SO very thankful that he picked one of the easier ones for me to tackle!
The crest is made out of cheese and pepperoni and is sitting on top of crackers. The lion itself was drawn with ivory food gel. He has extra pepperoni holding up the cheese "Gryffindor." He also has a square egg (still in mold), grapes, veggie straws, and a chocolate frog. It's all packed in a PlanetBox Rover.

Now, when you buy the Rover you can get it with a set of pre-designed magnets or blank ones that you can draw on yourself. I found printable magnet sheets a while back on Amazon and measured all of the spots to come up with a template for DIY PlanetBox magnets! They work great and, I dare say, make John's favorite lunch box even better :)

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18 March 2014

Harry Potter: Quidditch -- 1 lunch - 3 boxes!

John wanted a Harry Potter Quidditch lunch for today but for the life of me I couldn't decide which box to pack it in ... so I packed it twice! Then, seeing as how I really had too much time on my hands yesterday with John at school and Tom having to work (he normally has Mondays off), I packed it yet again.

For his lunch: rainbow tortellini with empire jack cheese art and Scrabble Jr Cheez-Its letters, grapes, chocolate frog, SnaPea Crisps and ranch dressing for dip. The same amount of food was used each time -- the only difference is the dip location (one box has it's own dip container).

In an EasyLunchbox ... which is almost the one that went to school ...

In the Laptop Lunch box since next Wednesday (March 26th) we're doing a great big Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone post for their National Reading Month celebration. You'll be seeing this picture again ... with several other lunches you haven't seen yet, so make sure you come back!

Finally, what's actually heading to school ... seeing as how it's British, too. (And John liked having "Quidditch" in a straight line.) In a black+blum box appetit:

17 March 2014

Simple & Snacky for St Patrick's Day

As one of my good friends put it: "who needs pretty food when you have pretty accessories?"
Thank goodness for cute rings from AllThingsForSale!
John has an unpictured yogurt tub, veggie sticks, peanut butter cracker "sandwiches," a mini Slim Jim, grapes and a Little Debbie cake with shamrock sprinkles (I can count on one hand the number of lunches a year that get a Little Debbie something in them!).

14 March 2014

Hagrid, Harry & Griphook

Another snacky Harry Potter with new DIY magnets for the PlanetBox Shuttle!
For lunch today: pepperoni & cheese cracker sandwiches, yogurt raisins, veggie sticks, chocolate coins & unpictured applesauce

13 March 2014


John got all excited when he saw that AllThingsForSale has Tetris sandwich cutters .... because there's apparently some YouTube Minecraft video or a mod or something about Tetris. Crazy kid. At least we got a lunch out of the deal!

10 March 2014

Snacky Harry Potter in LunchBots with DIY Picks

John just wanted a simple snacky lunch today in his LunchBots Quad ... but who says "snacky" can't be extra fun with some craftiness? Once again I called upon Oh!Bento UK's DIY Bento Picks tutorial and some Harry Potter Jibbitz I bought long before John even thought about Harry Potter.

When John asks for a "snacky" lunch that typically means some Slim Jims or pepperoni, cheese, crackers, grapes and an extra little something or two. That worked out perfectly with the DIY picks!

 (yes, that's a chocolate frog in with the grapes!)

Thanks to a friend being a better eBay searcher than I apparently am, John even has a Harry Potter lunch bag that didn't cost me a mortgage payment and worked perfectly for today's lunch!

The LunchBots fit perfectly in the bottom zipper section leaving the top for his 
juice box, yogurt cup and spoon!

04 March 2014

The Cat in the Hat

John wasn't thrilled that the only Cat in the Hat yesterday was his lunchbox (and the shirt he wore to school), so I'm making up for it today. I have to wonder who he's going to remember and insist on for Thursday ... (I'm off the hook Wednesday since it's pizza day)!
The hat is pb&j. The cat is drawn on Empire Jack cheese and is propped up by popcorn. To the side are veggie sticks, Sixlets, grapes, and his pet fish.

03 March 2014

Happy (Belated) Birthday, Dr Seuss!

Yesterday was Dr Seuss' birthday so today gets a simple snacky Seuss lunch for school! I'm sure it's not as exciting as some of my Bento Bloggers & Friends have pulled off this year ... I think I'm still recovering from Thursday's Harry Potter lunch :)

In his Cat In The Hat box he has a green hard cooked egg (really -- it's green -- the color is off in the picture), ham chunks, grapes, 1 gummy fish, 2 gummy fish, red Goldfish, blue gummy fish. He also has a yogurt cup and a side dish with some carrot strips and ranch dip.