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11 February 2014

Star Wars Ewoks

There was no original intention on doing a Star Wars theme this week but after John got home from school Monday we watched the Star Wars Mythbusters episode and he decided he needed an Ewok lunch!
The sandwich is pepperoni & cheese cut with a simple teddy bear cutter. He's holding a pretzel stick as a staff. The letters and trees are empire jack cheese with Teddy Grahams for the Ewoks hiding in the forest. He also has a hard cooked egg, grapes, and LifeSaver Gummies.


eclecticlamb said...

So awesome! Love this!

Rina @ Bento School Lunches said...

This is fantastic, I love the entire lunch!

Schwartz the Younger said...

What did you use to color the Ewok's hood.

karen said...

I use AmeriColor food gel, a toothpick for the lining and details & a watercolor brush to color it in :)

Becka said...

This is awesome! It's so cute!!

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