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12 February 2014

Fun with VeggieTales & @StoryPanda

John has a half day of school today for Parent-Teacher Conferences so no school lunch was needed ... but he will want to eat once he gets home. What a perfect day for a lunch based on one of his new VeggieTales books given to us by our new friends at StoryPanda! He got "caught" reading one of them this morning before school but he's a big second grader now so VeggieTales lunches at school are frowned upon for being too babyish. At least this week they are. Next week he may very well ask for only VeggieTales lunches. Crazy kid.
Anyway, the folks at StoryPanda have done a wonderful job with their apps. He has the choice of having the book read to him, reading it himself, and can even use the pictures to write his own version of the book! He seems to enjoy reading How Many Veggies? and writing his own text for Junior's Colors. There's a picture of Pa Grape with a "Coming Soon" over it on the website ... I'm pretty sure he'll end up wanting whatever that ends up being, too!

The lunch for today is from How Many Veggies and features our favorites - Bob & Larry (with Junior Asparagus sneaking in):
The sandwich is ham & cheese with a pretzel stick cut for the mast and a cheese "2." Junior is a pick stuck in some grapes and there are also veggie sticks. Can't very well have a VeggieTales lunch without them, can he?

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