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19 February 2014

A New PlanetBox Rover -- Just For Mom!!!

John is off from school for the week for Mid-Winter Recess but I still have to work and lately I've been REALLY bad about taking anything worthwhile (or even a little bit healthy) with me to eat. Well, PlanetBox had a sale going on for Valentine's Day and my state tax refund showed up at the same time SOOOOO I got myself a Rover! John is obsessed with his so I figured I would get my own .... and some printable magnet sheets so I could have fun with the outer magnets. I discovered that it lays flat beautifully in my Built Market Tote as well as my b.happybags tote so that opened up what I was willing to pack for its first outing:
Top: My DIY magnets featuring one of my favorite quotes and a bunch of my favorite books
Bottom: My lunch: spaghetti with provolone hearts, teriyaki jerky bites, a mini salad with hard cooked egg, Thousand Island dressing and three itty bitty mini peanut butter cups.

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Keitha said...

Yummy lunch and I love the book magnets.

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