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27 January 2014

Minecraft Pirate Pig

We're still Minecraft addicts over here ... maybe even more now that we've started adding mods and fun add-ons and custom skins! John uses the mods more than I do but I do find myself sliding in to Creative Mode when I'm doing my building. Yesterday I watched the new Starz show Black Sails and decided I needed to build a pirate ship for my Minecraft:
That, of course, led us to wanting to change our skin (since we use the same account we have the same skin) from the 10th Doctor to a Pirate. I was leaning towards Jack Sparrow or Blackbeard .... but John won this round and we went with the Pirate Pig designed by KrispyK0olaid123:
I had to turn him into lunch!
Packed in an Easy Lunchbox, Pirate Pig's a pb&j sandwich holding a plastic diamond sword with monterey jack letters, fruit snacks, grapes, veggie sticks, and a fun Lunchbox Love note about squids (and there are a LOT of squids in the water surrounding the ship!). I built the pig's body using the Sesame Street sandwich cutter gifted to us. The bread wasn't quite big enough for four even squares but that worked well since the head is smaller than the body pieces and I was able to cut one of the partial squares in half for the arms.

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Steph @ Three Loud Kids! said...

That is the coolest lunch ever, my daughter would have a fit if I put that in her lunch box!

Shirley Wong said...

Awesome bento! :)

Keitha said...

Cool lunch! Boogs was ALL OVER Minecraft last year and now he is into Skylanders.

Julia said...

Me encantan las fotografías, son geniales. Ha estado un regalo el visitar tu bloc, te invito visitar el mio y si te gusta espero que te hagas seguidora.

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