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14 January 2014

Lost Girl Vex Bento

I recently fell in love with Lost Girl and flew threw everything that was on Netflix in time for the new season to start. Ohhhh and what a start! To celebrate the 4th season just starting here in the US (even though I've already been watching it online), I had to make a lunch based on one of my favorites: Vex. He's sometimes a good guy, sometimes a bad guy, but ALWAYS hilarious and ALWAYS a snappy dresser (or undresser)!
The cheese art for Vex in this lunch is based on my favorite outfit from the season 4 premiere -- which you can catch a glimpse of here:
In my lunch I packed some spanish rice, used provolone for the art and name, and in the second layer there's a hard cooked egg, cottage cheese, and broccoli. Even the box packed in seemed fitting for a Vex lunch!
(box purchased at AllThingsForSale)


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