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24 January 2014

Lilo & Stitch (with DIY picks!)

You've probably figured out if you've been around long enough: we love Lilo & Stitch! Too bad I haven't been able to find any Lilo picks or cutters .... until my good friend over at Oh!Bento did a DIY Pick post using Jibbitz and I immediately bought a set off of ebay that had Lilo! Of course, then those Jibbitz just sat around and sat around for well over a year until this morning.

John has a two hour delay for school today because of the cold and wind chill warnings so by the time he gets to school he'll only have an hour or so before lunch .... and knowing him as well as I do he'll munch and snack on stuff before he goes to the point where he won't want a big lunch. I still wanted to make it a fun lunch, though, and one that would kinda go against how cold it's been. What better than our favorite residents of Hawaii -- Lilo & Stitch? And what better excuse to FINALLY make the Lilo & Stitch picks?

I used a sandwich press from AllThingsForSale on his peanut butter & jelly sandwich and then attached the heart sandwiches with the picks. They're sitting on his usual grapes and veggie sticks with some fruit snacks scattered on each side.


ohbentouk said...

Thank you for the link ^.^

Your picks are so cute! I might have to go on another jibbitz hunt!

Becka said...

What would you recommend in replacement for peanut butter? Our school doesn't allow it because of food allergies, but idk if they would allow any other butters...

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