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07 January 2014

First Packed School Lunch of 2014!

John headed back to school on Monday ... which was "pizza day" this week so no lunch needed to be packed. Then Tuesday was "severe windchill day" so no school and no lunch needed to be packed. FINALLY Wednesday arrives and a school lunch is needed! It's boring, but he'll be happy with it!
Packed in a Lock & Lock box, clockwise from top left: veggie crackers, pepperoni and monterey cheese, baby carrot strips with ranch dressing, fruit snacks and grapes. I also added a Lunchbox Love note for a little added fun to brighten his day. (The flip side of the card has a joke about boogers ... what 2nd grade boy wouldn't love that?)


Eileen Shows said...

Well who doesn't love boogers :) Great start to the new year!

Jenn Christ said...

Looks tasty :D Happy New Year!

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