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07 January 2014

Chesterton's Father Brown

I believe it was my grandmother who had GK Chesterton's Father Brown stories around when I was young. She had floor-to-ceiling bookshelves in her room that were just jam-packed and whenever we would go there to visit I would run in and grab something to read. I'm 99% sure that's where I first fell for the Father. (Now the complete set of stories is available for a mere buck on Kindle ... and, yes, that's an affiliate link.)

Last year, around this time, I stumbled upon a new BBC series based on those stories and starring my beloved Mark Williams. I fell all over again.

This afternoon (well, yesterday, depending on your time zone) the second series started.

And now he's lunch.
Lousy quality picture because it was taken in a rush at work and then the cheese began to melt before I could do a retake, but I think you get the general idea.

The top section has some cut up Jennie-O Turkey Burgers topped with letters I cut freehand out of American cheese with a toothpick. The bottom section has Spanish Rice with Father Brown's silhouette also cut from American cheese. I was in luck with having some food gel still in the bag I bring from the last time I decided to "play" at work. This was very much a spur of the moment decision!


Angel said...

This lunch looks yummy!! And I've totally just used your affiliate link to get this series!

Becka said...

Not so down with the turkey burgers, but kudos on the free hand! And I too just used the link to get the series!

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