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13 January 2014

Angry Birds : Short Fuse

One of my favorite things about the folks at Rovio is that even though they keep coming out with new versions of Angry Birds as stand-alone games, they still keep adding on to the original! The latest is board 10 -- "Short Fuse" -- which adds an extra bit of geek to it with mad scientist pigs and potions and the black bird get electrifyingly awesome. (I make up words. Whatever.) They even make adorable "trailers" for the updates:
Saturday we went to John's great-grandfather's wake and one of the ways we occupied ourselves while waiting around was by playing Short Fuse. Of course, it had to be lunch.
Packed in his PlanetBox Shuttle, the "geek pig" is a pb&j sandwich cut using the CuteZCute cutter. He's sitting on top of veggie sticks and grapes with a black bird cupcake ring around a stick of monterey cheese. In the side compartment is a hard cooked egg and a pack of Angry Bird Fruit Snacks.


Eileen Shows said...

This is too cool!

Keitha said...

I love this one! It is adorable!

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