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27 January 2014

Minecraft Pirate Pig

We're still Minecraft addicts over here ... maybe even more now that we've started adding mods and fun add-ons and custom skins! John uses the mods more than I do but I do find myself sliding in to Creative Mode when I'm doing my building. Yesterday I watched the new Starz show Black Sails and decided I needed to build a pirate ship for my Minecraft:
That, of course, led us to wanting to change our skin (since we use the same account we have the same skin) from the 10th Doctor to a Pirate. I was leaning towards Jack Sparrow or Blackbeard .... but John won this round and we went with the Pirate Pig designed by KrispyK0olaid123:
I had to turn him into lunch!
Packed in an Easy Lunchbox, Pirate Pig's a pb&j sandwich holding a plastic diamond sword with monterey jack letters, fruit snacks, grapes, veggie sticks, and a fun Lunchbox Love note about squids (and there are a LOT of squids in the water surrounding the ship!). I built the pig's body using the Sesame Street sandwich cutter gifted to us. The bread wasn't quite big enough for four even squares but that worked well since the head is smaller than the body pieces and I was able to cut one of the partial squares in half for the arms.

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24 January 2014

Lilo & Stitch (with DIY picks!)

You've probably figured out if you've been around long enough: we love Lilo & Stitch! Too bad I haven't been able to find any Lilo picks or cutters .... until my good friend over at Oh!Bento did a DIY Pick post using Jibbitz and I immediately bought a set off of ebay that had Lilo! Of course, then those Jibbitz just sat around and sat around for well over a year until this morning.

John has a two hour delay for school today because of the cold and wind chill warnings so by the time he gets to school he'll only have an hour or so before lunch .... and knowing him as well as I do he'll munch and snack on stuff before he goes to the point where he won't want a big lunch. I still wanted to make it a fun lunch, though, and one that would kinda go against how cold it's been. What better than our favorite residents of Hawaii -- Lilo & Stitch? And what better excuse to FINALLY make the Lilo & Stitch picks?

I used a sandwich press from AllThingsForSale on his peanut butter & jelly sandwich and then attached the heart sandwiches with the picks. They're sitting on his usual grapes and veggie sticks with some fruit snacks scattered on each side.

21 January 2014

Even "boring" should be tasty!

I don't always draw on my food.


Sometimes, like tonight, I just throw stuff together and let it stay "boring." Tasty, yes. Exciting, no.
Even the box is pretty random (I think it's Rubbermaid)!
Meatloaf ground meat blend (veal, beef, pork) with garlic cauliflower, tomato basil pasta sauce & melted provolone. Boring. Not colorful. Not artistic. But oooooh so delicious!

Wander Over Yonder

John had off from school Monday but he's back at it today with a lunch based on one of our new favorite Disney Channel shows: Wander Over Yonder! The sandwich is pb&j. The letters are monterey jack cheese. The bottom section has grapes and Tings. He also has a yogurt tube in his bag.

20 January 2014

Lost Girl - Kenzi

Last night Ksenia Solo made my Twitter blow up by retweeting my Vex lunch from last week.
Well, it's a new work week and I needed to make a lunch .... so I decided to do Kenzi! (I kinda want to be Kenzi when I grow up. Yeah, I know. I'm older than she is. Shut up.)
Of course, Kenzi has so many awesome looks I couldn't pick just one for the lunch ... so I did six.
Packed in my Laptop Lunchbox the main section has an Asian Stir Fry vegetable blend with cheese Kenzi's. The top left has chunked up chicken thigh. The top right has cottage cheese.

17 January 2014

Stink and the Incredible Super-Galactic Jawbreaker (Megan McDonald & @PeterHReynolds)

John's in the process of reading Stink and the Incredible Super-Galactic Jawbreaker and asked to have it for lunch today (without an actual jawbreaker, of course)!
Packed in a black+blum Box Appetit, Stink is drawn onto a Griddle Cake sandwich and he also has veggie sticks, popcorn, and a cup of gelatin with peaches. Since he's only a few chapters in with several more to go, I have a feeling we may be seeing Stink again next week, too!

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14 January 2014

Lost Girl Vex Bento

I recently fell in love with Lost Girl and flew threw everything that was on Netflix in time for the new season to start. Ohhhh and what a start! To celebrate the 4th season just starting here in the US (even though I've already been watching it online), I had to make a lunch based on one of my favorites: Vex. He's sometimes a good guy, sometimes a bad guy, but ALWAYS hilarious and ALWAYS a snappy dresser (or undresser)!
The cheese art for Vex in this lunch is based on my favorite outfit from the season 4 premiere -- which you can catch a glimpse of here:
In my lunch I packed some spanish rice, used provolone for the art and name, and in the second layer there's a hard cooked egg, cottage cheese, and broccoli. Even the box packed in seemed fitting for a Vex lunch!
(box purchased at AllThingsForSale)

13 January 2014

Angry Birds : Short Fuse

One of my favorite things about the folks at Rovio is that even though they keep coming out with new versions of Angry Birds as stand-alone games, they still keep adding on to the original! The latest is board 10 -- "Short Fuse" -- which adds an extra bit of geek to it with mad scientist pigs and potions and the black bird get electrifyingly awesome. (I make up words. Whatever.) They even make adorable "trailers" for the updates:
Saturday we went to John's great-grandfather's wake and one of the ways we occupied ourselves while waiting around was by playing Short Fuse. Of course, it had to be lunch.
Packed in his PlanetBox Shuttle, the "geek pig" is a pb&j sandwich cut using the CuteZCute cutter. He's sitting on top of veggie sticks and grapes with a black bird cupcake ring around a stick of monterey cheese. In the side compartment is a hard cooked egg and a pack of Angry Bird Fruit Snacks.

09 January 2014

Bailey School Kids: Reindeer Do Wear Striped Underwear

John got Reindeer Do Wear Striped Underwear before Christmas but got around to reading it a little after the fact. No problem! Of course, then I had to figure out how to make a reindeer for lunch when he insisted this morning that it must be done. Real glad we had a few left over Christmas cookies, too!
In his PlanetBox Rover he has a pb&j reindeer that has cut from a horse cookie cutter (with his tail severely trimmed) with pretzel antlers standing on some veggie straws. In the bottom right is a small pb&j tree with some monterey cheese trees. Above those are some tangerine slices. Finally the top left has Holiday Goldfish with the last remaining Christmas cookies!

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07 January 2014

First Packed School Lunch of 2014!

John headed back to school on Monday ... which was "pizza day" this week so no lunch needed to be packed. Then Tuesday was "severe windchill day" so no school and no lunch needed to be packed. FINALLY Wednesday arrives and a school lunch is needed! It's boring, but he'll be happy with it!
Packed in a Lock & Lock box, clockwise from top left: veggie crackers, pepperoni and monterey cheese, baby carrot strips with ranch dressing, fruit snacks and grapes. I also added a Lunchbox Love note for a little added fun to brighten his day. (The flip side of the card has a joke about boogers ... what 2nd grade boy wouldn't love that?)

Chesterton's Father Brown

I believe it was my grandmother who had GK Chesterton's Father Brown stories around when I was young. She had floor-to-ceiling bookshelves in her room that were just jam-packed and whenever we would go there to visit I would run in and grab something to read. I'm 99% sure that's where I first fell for the Father. (Now the complete set of stories is available for a mere buck on Kindle ... and, yes, that's an affiliate link.)

Last year, around this time, I stumbled upon a new BBC series based on those stories and starring my beloved Mark Williams. I fell all over again.

This afternoon (well, yesterday, depending on your time zone) the second series started.

And now he's lunch.
Lousy quality picture because it was taken in a rush at work and then the cheese began to melt before I could do a retake, but I think you get the general idea.

The top section has some cut up Jennie-O Turkey Burgers topped with letters I cut freehand out of American cheese with a toothpick. The bottom section has Spanish Rice with Father Brown's silhouette also cut from American cheese. I was in luck with having some food gel still in the bag I bring from the last time I decided to "play" at work. This was very much a spur of the moment decision!