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31 December 2013

Top 13 of '13

Happy New Year!!!
When the Bento Bloggers & Friends first started talking about doing a link-up of our Top 13 of 2013 I was excited and befuddled all at the same time. How in the world would I choose? There have been soooo many posts to choose from between my work lunches and John's school lunches. Would I do a mish-mash of both? Try and pick one per month with a bonus to make the 13? I finally asked John and he said I should just do my favorite of mine. (I think the thought of picking his favorite of his was a little too overwhelming!)
Now, since this is part of a BBF link-up please be sure to click on the button at the end so you can enjoy everyone else's Top 13s!
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1. Plucky Pennywhistle's Pizza Salad : Because killer unicorns are cool ... and so is Supernatural.
2. Amy and Her Poncho Boys : I still want the t-shirt that I found as the inspiration for this one!
3. Castle's Heat Wave : I finally started marathoning Castle this year & fell in love!
4. Sunflowers for Amy : "Vincent and the Doctor" ... one of the best Doctor Who episodes ever.
5. Happy Birthday Jason Schartzman! : A Rushmore lunch to honor my favorite Coppola.
6. Book Lover's Day : Books are cooler than killer unicorns.
7. Celebrating the Master of Suspense : It was Hitchcock's birthday so there had to be a lunch!
8. Phryne Fisher : I got to guest post for a friend ... but still pimped my lunch here!
9. Sherlock (for a BBF Inside Joke) : The one that almost didn't get blogged ... but still makes me giggle.
10. Very Good Sir! : Celebrating PG Wodehouse's birthday with Jeeves.
11. Christmas a la Agatha Christie : I'm still amazed it took me this long to lunch with Dame Agatha.
12. A Very Supernatural Christmas : Ugly Christmas sweaters rank right up there with killer unicorns.
13. The Time of the Doctor : *sniffle* I'll write something as soon as I stop crying ...


Eileen Shows said...

Awesome collection! Happy New Year!

Shirley Wong said...

Lovely collection! Happy New Year!

Keitha said...

I love your cheese art lunches. It is fun to see which 13 you narrowed it down to. You have posted so many amazing lunches in 2013. Happy New Year!

eclecticlamb said...

Wonderful collection! Happy New Year!

Tracy @The Lucky Lunchbox said...

Karen, these lunches are amazing! Your cheese art is outstanding! Your lunches are always so much fun (even if I don't 'get' all of them). LOL I need to start watching more TV, I think.

Amanda Paulos said...

Your lunches always make me smile :)

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