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20 December 2013

The Christmas Party From The Black Lagoon

Today is the last day before Winter Break and John's class is having a party to celebrate. What better book to read this week than The Christmas Party From The Black Lagoon? We found it in a used bookstore this past weekend for a very good price and John was SO excited! It's a great book with a great message and a lot of fun all at the same time. Because today is party day and there will be quite a bit of food provided John asked for a snacky lunch ... but still tied in to the book.
Hubie and his teacher, Mrs Green, are drawn on sliced Empire Jack cheese. Mrs. Green is sitting on Bugles. Hubie is sitting on grapes (with his dog, of course). All three are dressed for the holidays with Santa hat on her and Rudolph noses on the others! He also has pepperoni and crackers and a mini cupcake in a separate container (to try and save the frosting from getting TOO mangled).

Even though John is off school for two weeks after today I'll still have to work so expect to see some more work lunches than usual! (Did you see the Eureka lunch I posted overnight? I'm quite happy with it!) 

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