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24 December 2013

Santa's a robot! (Doctor Who Roboform Santas)

I was originally going to post this tomorrow ... but then I went and ate two lunches last night at work so had to make a new lunch and that will be be tomorrow's. Besides, both episodes for this one actually took place on Christmas Eve so .... whatever.

Some of the freakiest Doctor Who villains are the roboforms -- androids who disguise themselves as Santa in order to "blend in" .... right before they start blowing everything to smithereens with their "instruments" of destruction. Now, I normally don't find Santa freaky. Or brass bands. But when a Santa brass band starts blowing stuff up? Yep. Freaky.

And lunch-worthy.

Packed in my black+blum Box Appetit I have Tuscan blend vegetables in the top and Swedish meatballs in the bottom. Of course, as per usual, the letters and picture are cheese. (Sorry for the lousy lighting -- it got dark earlier than I had planned!)

And now the really important part: the YouTube clips of the trailers from the two freaky Santa episodes!

The Christmas Invasion:
The Runaway Bride:


Candy Girl said...

I LOVE the creepy robot Santas, and the TARDIS chasing the taxi scene :) Great lunch! Merry Christmas :)

Candy Girl said...

Nice pun BTW

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