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25 December 2013

Merry Merry Ghost

Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate & a very happy Wednesday to those who don't! And to those of who get to work on major holidays like I do? Hope you get good rest and good food. I've at least got the food part down for myself ...

Every year as soon as Thanksgiving dinner is done I start reading as many Christmas books as I can. Some have been read and re-read (Christopher Moore, Mary Higgins Clark, Heather Graham) ... this year, though, I finally read the second book in Carolyn Hart's Bailey Ruth Mysteries series: Merry Merry Ghost. (<-- affiliate link warning!) I've loved Hart's books for a couple of decades at least and the new series is absolutely delightful! Bailey Ruth is a ghost ... but don't let her supervisor on the Rescue Express, Wiggins, hear you say that! (He prefers "emissary.")

Now, I could tell you all about Bailey Ruth and Wiggins and what they've been up to ... but it would be so much more fun if you just read the books yourself (start with Ghost At Work). I will, though, share a couple of passages so you'll know where I drew the inspiration for what I, well, drew.

For Wiggins:

For Bailey Ruth:

And the work lunch/breakfast/brunch/whatever:

In my EasyLunchbox I have (clockwise from top left) some turkey sausage links, silver dollar pancakes with Wiggins and the Rescue Express engine, creamed spinach in a silicone tree surrounded by snowy scrambled eggs and topped with a cheese Bailey Ruth and book title snowflakes. A nice cozy Christmas meal to go along with a new favorite cozy Christmas mystery!

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Angel said...

So I've decided that I totally need to get these books to read!!

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