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10 December 2013

Eubie from The Happy Elf

John stayed home sick from school on Monday so it gave us a lot of time for snuggles, cartoons, and reading! Since the poor kid has little-to-no voice at the moment I got to mostly read to him and one of the books chosen was Harry Connick Jr's The Happy Elf. We've seen the animated movie version before but I prefer the book. The movie Eubie kinda freaks me out but Dan Andreasen's book version is adorable!
Packed in his PlanetBox Shuttle he has Eubie drawn with food gels onto a bologna & cheese sandwich with veggie sticks, cheese letters, grapes and a chocolate Santa.

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Keitha said...

Fantastic drawing of the elf!!!

karen said...

Thanks, Keitha! I did the trace & smoosh for the outlines ... just had to color & fill in the face :)

Jennifer Bliss said...

This is super cute! I LOVE Harry Connick Jr!
I'm new to Bento Boxes and looking for some encouragement! I blogged about my starter one today :)

karen said...

Thanks & welcome!!! I'm off to go poke around your site now :)

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