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01 December 2013

Elves Don't Wear Hard Hats

John started reading his first Bailey School Kids book on Saturday and four chapters in he already decided that he wanted a lunch from it. Quite possibly, a week of lunches! Well, minus Wednesday because it’s pizza day … and Friday because it’s a half day.

A new playground is being built and Bell Construction Company is on the job. Melody, Liza, Howie, and especially Eddie have a feeling that there’s something different about the crew and decide to investigate by snooping around the trailer they’ve been told to stay away from … and that’s where we pick up with the lunch!

Packed in an Easy Lunchbox, the trailer is a bologna and cheese sandwich on SnaPea Crisp ground. (You can’t see them, but the windows on the trailer are colored red & green because they’re covered with wrapping paper.) The kids trying to peek in the windows are cut out of provolone using a mini gingerbread cutter. The tree container in the top right has ranch dip for the crisps. The top left has yogurt raisins and Dole Apple Chunks Fruit Bites.

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