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03 December 2013

Elves Don't Wear Hard Hats ... continued!

In the most recent reading the kids decided to ask Santa about their suspicions over the elves/construction workers… so they went to the local department store. After a rather interesting conversation with the store Santa, the kids wanted to uncover the truth even more… and Eddie has a plan involving a pair of beaten up stinky sneakers!

How could I resist putting stinky sneakers in a lunch?
John has a field trip to the zoo today so I had to make sure that his lunch wasn’t too cumbersome and packed in a box we wouldn’t be heartbroken over losing if that happened. Thank you drugstore dollar bin! (AND a huge thank you to the folks at SayPlease for the perfect Lunchbox Love note for a winter zoo trip!)

His stinky sneakers are drawn on a ham and cheese sandwich. He also has grapes, pretzel sticks, and a small chocolate Santa as a stand-in for the Santa Claus in the store.

No lunch to be made for tomorrow because of pizza day so we’ll see the conclusion on Thursday!

What do you think? DO elves wear hard hats?

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