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18 December 2013

Christmas a la Agatha Christie

I've been a huge Agatha Christie fan for as long as I can remember. I have no idea why it took me until now to try and lunch any of her amazing works!

Last night at work I was watching Poirot on Amazon Instant Video. I started with Hercule Poirot's Christmas from season 6 and thought "eh ... not lunch." Then I remembered that one of my favorite short stories -- "The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding" -- had another title! Sure enough, "The Theft of the Royal Ruby" aired season 3 so I watched it and fell in love all over again ....

And made my lunch for tonight as soon as I got John off to school!

Being the last minute (practically) I didn't bother to make the pudding so I have some dark chocolate pound cake with vanilla frosting as a stand-in for the pudding with a candy "ruby." I used food gel to decorate the cake, and also to write the note that Hercule received warning him not to eat it! The body in the snow/pasta is provolone as is Hercule himself on top of the broccoli. I also used food gel to draw them -- as well as leave the blood spill from the knife in the girl's back.

Not familiar with the tale? You can (!!!affiliate warning!!!)...

buy the dvd

and/or watch the instant video (free if you have Prime)

and/or buy the book!

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Jennifer Bliss said...

Love the color! The Mustache is cute. Thanks so much for all of the help yesterday! I just finised posting my 2nd Bento today, too! I've been going a little blogging crazy and actually have like 3 sep posts! LOL

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