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12 December 2013

Buddy The Elf in an EasyLunchbox

One of my absolutely favorite movies for the holiday season is Elf. It's oh-so-quotable and one of my favorite quotes? "Smiling's My Favorite!"
Packed in an EasyLunchbox Classic, the quote and Buddy are provolone cheese on top of whole wheat spaghetti with Birds Eye Tuscan Vegetables. In the top right I have some cut-up polish sausage. In the top left? The four food groups according to Buddy -- a candy cane, some candy corn, a candy (chocolate) Santa, and a maple cookie (made with real syrup!).

I WAS tempted to make it the Buddy way ... but even I'm not willing to go quite that far. I WILL give you a YouTube clip to watch, though:

My friend Erin over at Feeling A Little Lunchy made an Elf lunch, too! Make sure you go sure her some mad lovin'!

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Erin Walker said...

Make work your favorite! Love this lunch so much! Thanks for including me in it!

Sarah Felder bentoriffic said...

Looooooove it! Those happen to be my favorite 4 food groups too.

Mamabelly said...

I love this move and the lunch! Smiling is my favorite!!

Candy Girl said...

Yay, all my favourites!

Tracy @The Lucky Lunchbox said...

One word......AWESOME!!

Jennifer Bliss said...

Super Cute Box! I'm new to Bento Boxes and looking for some encouragement! I blogged about my starter one today :)

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