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24 December 2013

A Very Supernatural Christmas Lunch

Tis the season for ugly sweaters ... even if you're pagan gods, apparently! Two of my favorite Supernatural baddies are Madge and Edward Carrigan from "A Very Supernatural Christmas." They're funny, they're festive, they're quotable ("Sweet Peter on a popsicle stick!"). It was a shame they couldn't have been spared, somehow, for episodes to come.

My lunch for work features their sweaters and a quote from Dean:
 A close-up of the cheese sweaters:
The cheese is on top of BirdsEye Pasta & Vegetables in a Creamy Cheese Sauce. There's also a pumpkin muffin with cream cheese and some Christmas cookies (including a wreath since the Carrigan's made them)!

WARNING: The following YouTube clip is totally NOT appropriate for kids. Or those with weak stomachs. Or those who are prone to festive nightmares.


eclecticlamb said...

The details you drew on the sweaters is amazing! In my opinion this is one of your top bentos for the year.

Candy Girl said...

The cheese sweaters are amazing! Great episode, and great lunch :) Happy fudging Christmas, b***h!

Jenn Christ said...

This is so awesome! You nailed those sweaters!!!!

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