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25 November 2013

Thankful for ... Stink!

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If you’ve been around for a while or know us personally you probably know about John’s issues with reading. It frustrated him to the point of not wanting to even try for a long time … and then once he got better with focusing he seemed content to stick with the easy readers and picture books. The word “chapter” freaked him out.

Then we met Stink Moody.

Megan McDonald and Peter H Reynolds have my reluctant reader absolutely enthralled to the point of him not wanting to get the books out of the library — he needs to own them “for real forever.”

When it came time to start planning his one and only Thanksgiving-themed lunch for school this week I suggested that instead of the “norm” he pick something he’s thankful for. Since he had just finished his first Stink book the choice, for him, was obvious.

We’re both thankful for Stink!
Packed in his PlanetBox Rover, he has mini pumpkin muffins, turkey meatballs, a provolone Stink wearing a pilgrim hat, some candy corn & pumpkins, grapes hiding under cookies that spell out Stink, and a Thanksgiving Lunchbox Love Note.

It was John’s idea to have Stink celebrate Thanksgiving by wearing the pilgrim hat … and it was also his idea to have the hat removable so Stink’s “fun hair” could be seen, too:
I have a feeling this will be the first of many Stink lunches!

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