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02 October 2013

Happy Birthday, Peanuts!

Wednesdays are pizza day and normally John would be getting lunch in line, but since today is a special occasion we’re celebrating with a special lunch packed in one of his EasyLunchboxes (***affiliate links alert***).

On October 2, 1950 the Peanuts comic strip hit newspapers for the first time. While Snoopy wouldn’t make his first appearance until two days later, he is making an appearance in John’s lunch for today!

Snoopy’s dog house is a pepperoni and provolone sandwich on wheat. Snoopy himself is cut out of provolone. His name is cut out of colby jack cheese. The little Woodstock cup came from AllThingsForSale and inside of it are some Sixlets chocolate candies. On the side he has popcorn and a clementine.

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